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The Birthplace of Effingham County

Heritage Day Update 2020

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 in news

All GSS Membership, Friends and Family, Due to the ongoing issues with the Covid 19 outbreak, the GSS Board has met and determined that there is no feasible way to hold the Heritage Day Festival on Labor Day 2020.  The Governor’s guidelines in regard to crowd size, distancing, and the like simply make such an event nonfeasible at this time.  We also have a number of volunteers who usually assist at different stations at the festival, many of whom are over the age of 65 and have indicated they do not wish to attend this year due to health concerns.  As such, after much deliberation and discussion, it was determined that the festival, instead of being cancelled, will be deferred and rescheduled to coincide with the March 13, 2021, Landing Day Meeting.  The poster contest will also be deferred until that time....

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Winter Newsletter 2020

Posted on Mar 7, 2020 in news

President’s Message 2020 Beginning a new decade is a new opportunity to expand the many important features of the Salzburger story. The first activity at Ebenezer for 2020 was the annual Super Museum Sunday, the day set aside by Georgia Historical Society to encourage visitation to various museums throughout the state of Georgia. The museum sites are free that day in order to give everyone access regardless of their budget. The GSS feature exhibit this year was the history of aprons. There were about 25 antique and vintage aprons from before 1950 on display. Did you know that Bethany was once a thriving farming community with families, a church and a school? Nothing remains now but the well-kept cemetery. It is located on private land and the owners have graciously given GSS access to the site for the occasion...

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Fall Newsletter 2019

Posted on Feb 4, 2020 in news

News from the President        LOOKING AHEAD TO 2020; A NEW DECADE OF SALZBURGER HISTORY      I will begin by expressing my gratitude to the members of the Georgia Salzburger Society for trusting me to lead and strive to preserve the goals and traditions of the organization. I also appreciate the encouragement and kind words supporting my efforts during the past year. The Landing Day meeting each year provides for a new beginning and renewal of dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in serving as an officer or member of the GSS Board, please contact the nominating          committee (912-754-7001) and attend the Landing Day business meeting.     We cannot take our Heritage for granted.  Each one of us can do something to help maintain some aspect of the responsibilities we have to preserve the future of GSS and the...

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Posted on Mar 8, 2019 in news

  SpringNewsletter 2019 WB The annual Landing Day celebration is an important part of Salzburger History. Among the many reasons of importance, we recognize this opportunity to praise God for the unending plans and blessings He has granted throughout the years. From the very beginning of the Salzburgers’ exile and settlement in Georgia, the Salzburgers have taken time for worship and praise to God. Landing Day at Ebenezer is our reminder to stop and set aside some time to remember, to honor and to appreciate those who have built the beginnings of our Georgia Salzburger heritage that we know today. The first Annual Meeting of the Georgia Salzburger Society was held on March 12th, 1926 (March 12th, being the Anniversary of the arrival in 1734 of the Salzburgers in Georgia). The meeting was held at the Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran...

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Winter Newsletter 2018

Posted on Feb 9, 2019 in news

President’s Message: Winter Newsletter 2019 publisher pdf GSS BEGINNING 285 YEARS OF SALZBURGERS IN GEORGIA Landing Day on March 9, 2019 begins the celebration of the 285th Anniversary of the arrival of the first transport of Salzburgers to Georgia and there is much to celebrate. Looking back, 2018 was a very active year for the Georgia Salzburger Society. Beginning in February, GSS had the distinction of enjoying a presentation by Christine Koch, a prolific researcher of all things GA Salzburger. In February, she came to Ebenezer and shared information from her work in progress for her thesis project, “The GA Salzburgers after Ebenezer”. On that same occasion, the descendants of the Third Salzburger Transport were recognized and presented with a small poster of the Transport list of names of families traveling together and arriving in GA on February 17,...

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Super Museum Sunday 2019

Posted on Dec 6, 2018 in news

The GSS Museum will participate once again in The Georgia History Festival’s Super Museum Sunday. Last year we saw an increase in attendance touring Ebenezer on a Super Museum Sunday because we featured heirloom and vintage quilts on display throughout the buildings including Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, the old Salzburger House, and the Parsonage. You have probably visited the GSS museum before, but on 2/10/19 we plan to feature another one-of-a- kind collection in buildings throughout the grounds. Discussions and plans are in process for an exhibition of clothing from the GSS collections. Right now there are lots of things that are usually not out where the fabulous, intricate details or wonderful simplicity of historical era clothing can be seen daily. So Super Museum Sunday will be the opportunity to really see and appreciate some things from the GSS...

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